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Innovations in ID Authentication, KYC, Client Onboarding & AML


"A great event, some key learnings and an opportunity to network with many specialists in their fields."
AXA Wealth

"In a sector such as financial services, one could argue that innovation and disruption aren't always front of mind. Left untouched for way too long, the industry is waking up, and ECN's conference gave me hope that we're all going in the right direction."
Standard Life

"Quality networking, deep understating of the space"

"Many knowledgeable people in the room, very interesting dialogue all round."

"I found ECN's event an excellent use of my time. The day had a good variety of speakers in various different formats, and there was ample opportunity to network between talks. I cannot think of anything to criticise."
Sarasin & Partners

"Engaging and attended by a good cross-section of industry"

"ECN's conference provided me with new insights. Discussions and brainstorming sessions with my industry peers gave realistic examples on how digitisation supports current business processes, as well as the disruptive concepts coming our way."
NN Investment Partners

"Good presentations and panels, as well as great discussions with the participants on the side. A very good event."

"What most impressed me was the high level of engagement by the participants, with a number of very good questions being asked which served to bring out key and valuable points."

"An excellent conference; enjoyable and thought provoking. Good to see an event tackling these timely and complex issues."
Consult Hyperion

"A breath of fresh air on the conference circuit."
Western Union